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Welcome to the official site EXIRION/OS, an operating system based on OpenDOS 7.01

EXIRION/OS is an operating system for embedded computer systems. These operating systems are designed to be compact, efficient at resource usage, and reliable, forsaking many functions that non-embedded computer operating systems provide, and which may not be used by the specialized applications they run. They are frequently also referred to as real-time operating systems, and the term RTOS is often used as a synonym for embedded operating system.

A platform [DOS] open to teams that can be used in specific operations required to execute a task at a time, EXIRION/OS is an operating system natively single task, that can be used for controlling complex electronic equipment PLC avoiding the use of tools, offering a wide range of electronic applications and using industrial and DB25 RS232 ports.

Systems geared to the specific needs of any user for personal use and computer training, EXIRION/OS also a tool for education, is an open source operating system for to use it as an example of building operating systems in universities and colleges technical.

EXIRION/OS is an open source platform that does not pursue profit, some parts of the code have OpenSource license CALDERA SYSTEMS INC. (Included on all downloads) as the boot IBMBIO.COM, IBMDOS.COM, COMMAND.COM, your goal is facilitate computer activities of people in México and other parts of the world, wish to use personally, and for all those interested in the study of construction of operating systems based on DOS platforms for embedded computer systems.


Let's talk about history EXIRION/OS

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In the summer of 1999 the Mexican Rolando Fernández Benavidez was the concern of developing a application program to control industrial equipment, initially it was only a small C++ code running on a MS-DOS 6.22 platform to control a 16-bit PIC Through the RS232 port and DB25, to replace the use of PLC instruments of that time. But as time went on, I wanted to share it with more people, but due to licensing restrictions existing platforms, was not so easy, also port program code to a Red Hat Linux distribution with gcc and g++, but he faced too; the problem that most users unaccustomed to operating a system similar to Unix as it is Linux, Most people only knew operate based on MS-DOS commands and graphical interfaces for Windows9x systems, use a of the first Linux and KDE interfaces to mount and unmount drives, was something that ordinary people are complicated, or when an error occurred and had no knowledge what was happening, as it were workers, machine operators and people who did not have a computer profile was then when I first Rolando Fernández Benavidez evaluated the possibility of using a different platform, he thought it needed a that was free and open as Linux, but yet simple to use and like OS systems to which people were He used to use, is where the idea of creating something different comes first.

The kernel of EXIRION/OS is based entirely on DR-DOS 7.01 released by Caldera Systems Inc. known as OpenDOS In 1996 under an Open Source license, EXIRION/OS is also Open Source license, EXIRION/OS is a bit different from a DOS classic in terms of organization of its binary modules Breastplate and the new set of names for shell commands, but the functionality internal binary is the same, being compatible with other DOS based platforms, currently the IBMBIO.COM, IBMDOS.COM and COMMAND.COM are open source license without profit and personal, academic and scientific research use, thus fulfilling without entering conflict licensed granted by Caldera Systems Inc.

Chronology of the OS and place of EXIRION/OS

EXIRION/OS is a system for everyone from people without advanced knowledge of engineering systems, a simple beginners x86 assembly programming.

Maybe today, EXIRION/OS does not have all the strength of other Free and commercial platforms, EXIRION/OS is an open source project, if all participate can create something great together as a country, not as individuals, I invite to create, participate and do something to help many people.

Now the repository of Google-Code is used, it is an excellent tool for source control and versions, the engine used is "Subversion" gradually will be migrated all the code in the repository.

By Jesus Aranza Moreno, editor.

Exirion.org/Nova32 is an open software company registered in ownership of Noah Cooper Sanders.

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Basic uses of EXIRION/OS

The Operating EXIRION/OS system does not pursue profit educational institution or any person having his reach this small platform to support their subjects in the area of IT, if you want for yourself prepare at home as a hobby a program for embedded computer systems,EXIRION/OS is a good alternative:

  • School: As additional material on advanced computer classes, data structures and operating systems.
  • Home: Design of simple programs for embedded computer systems as an amateur programming.
  • Work: Download, participate and make your projects embedded applications openly and without high costs.

Pending updates and process EXIRION

They are making some improvements and additions of utilities that will gradually provided for download,now the repository of Google-Code is used, it is an excellent tool for source control and versions, the engine used is "Subversion" gradually will be migrated all the code in the repository.

4DOS Implementation module to understand EXIRION / OS system.
DOS32 Implementation module to understand EXIRION / OS system.

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